This program of events is designed to give both visitors and locals an opportunity to view the diverse wonders of the night sky through our 8″ reflecting telescope. However our Scottish weather does not always allow us an unobstructed view of the starry heavens!

If it is cloudy on the night there will be an indoor planetarium presentation on the same subject. A follow up outdoor telescope session will be arranged for the first clear night after the event.

We also put on monthly observing evenings from August to April which are advertised via our Facebook page. These are inevitably announced at short notice once we have a firm weather forecast!

Highlights of the Autumn Milky Way

Sat Oct 19th 2019 20:00: Glenlivet Public Hall

Discover the highlights of the autumn Milky Way against a backdrop of the Orionids meteor shower. Tonight’s unusual heavenly objects include a coat hanger, a ring and an iris. Saturn will also be visible during the early evening.

Transit of Mercury

Mon Nov 11th 2019 12:15: Richmond Hall, Tomintoul

Transits of Mercury only happen around a dozen times each century. On Monday November 11th Mercury will pass across the face of the Sun during the early afternoon. If you miss it you will have to wait until 2032 for the next one!

The Demon Star

Fri Feb 14th 2020 20:00: Richmond Hall, Tomintoul

Eclipses don’t happen very often, unless you are looking at the Demon Star. Join us to find out why some stars change brightness on a regular basis. Tabby’s star is even more intriguing. Some scientists think that it may be dimming because of an alien megastructure.

Spring Galaxies

Sun Mar 15th 2020 20:00: Richmond Hall, Tomintoul

March is galaxy season in the northern hemisphere. With the Milky Way keeping a low profile for a few months it is time to gaze deep into intergalactic space and spot some of our galactic neighbours. Galaxies on show tonight include a whirlpool, a cigar, a sunflower and a cat’s eye. Venus will also be visible during the early evening.

The Red Planet

Wed Oct 7th 2020 20:00: Glenlivet Public Hall

Mars will be closer to Earth than it has been for two years. Join us to get a closer look at the Red Planet against a backdrop of the Orionids meteor shower. Jupiter and Saturn will also be visible tonight.